Grow With The Flow Kids Yoga


Our Mission

Within a safe and welcoming environment your child will learn the basics of yoga through energizing and yoga inspired songs, dance, and games! We will work on physical skills such as flexibility, coordination, strength, and body awareness as well as emotional skills like compassion, respect, self-calming, and stress relief. Throughout our yoga journey we will practice mindfulness and focus using child friendly breathing techniques and meditation. With each class your child will have the opportunity to master life-long skills on finding peace and balance within their every day lives. 


Classes We Offer

Come flow with us!


Ages 4-5

Monday 4:00pm

Ages 2-3

Wednesday 4:00pm

Wednesday Classes are currently postponed until further notice. If you'd like to be notified when these classes are back up and running leave us a message with your email and we'll be happy to let you know!


"I can stand up for me. I can stand up for others. I can stand up for peace."

Susan Verde


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275 N8th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211



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